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A Short History of Tight Security

Jack DeHeer with Frank Serpico

Tight Security began as the brainchild of Jack DeHeer in 1990. As a highly decorated Chicago Police Officer, Jack was assigned to plain clothes Tactical Units and the Gun Task Force. Due to the sensitive nature of these units, Jack came into contact with many business individuals who all expressed a desire for better security.

Prior to joining the police department, Jack was a trained marketing-management executive with Illinois Bell Telephone. Relying on these skills, along with his expertise in the criminal investigative field, Jack pursued. attaining his licensing for security and investigative work. Tight Security was born.

Jack had the theory that by utilizing off-duty police officers, he could provide the client with a level of skill and experience not achieved in the regular security field. Jack handpicked the police officers for their dedication to duty and high moral standards.

The initial start-up of the company was a learning experience for Jack and his wife Kay, who was a former paralegal and also a police officer in plain-clothes Tactical Units and the Narcotics Unit of the Chicago Police Department.

The company began with one account and fifteen employees. The company quickly grew and was called by United Airlines for assistance during a service restructuring. Under Jack's direct supervision, 80 employees, working around the clock, ensured the peaceful transition.

The company also handled all federal prisoner transports for the U.S. Marshall's office at the Federal Building in Chicago for four years. The company had now grown to over 130 employees with dozens of accounts, including pickle factories, hotel groups, housing projects, trucking outfits, railroads and construction sites.

The diversity of job sites and needs keeps the company interesting. Each new contract has Jack totally investigating all the possible security needs of the client. The company also branched out into consulting for businesses. Jack, being an attentive listener, can analyze a client's problems and come up with creative solutions to meet the client's needs and budget.

Jack also continued to conduct private detective investigations for a select group of individual clients. Confidentiality was a must for all our clientele and Jack made a name for himself as a man you could trust. In 2002, due to a client request, we branched out and began TSI Security Professionals, Inc. in southwest Florida.

Through his contracts at various housing units around the City, Jack has helped many young individuals get on the right track through education and sports. Jack also has led a colorful career as a AAA level baseball player with the Roy Hobbs Baseball League and the Men's Senior Baseball league.

Due to his highly decorated police career and exciting baseball career, Jack was a mentor to many young individuals who lived in the housing projects. Jack hit 41 home runs in 1998 at 44 years old. Jack's street nickname was "Smiley". The name originated from all his many foot-chases and vehicle pursuits. People said that no matter how far Smiley chased you, when he caught you (and he almost always did), he was still smiling.

Jack has always treated people with fairness and respect, but is an indomitable foe to the criminal element. No matter where Jack goes throughout the City of Chicago, he inevitably meets people who yell "Smiley" at the top of their lungs and are extremely happy to see him. Even individuals he arrested and incarcerated are still happy to see him.

The Smiley legend continued to grow with every car chase, foot chase and shoot-out. Jack has received over 250 Honorable Mentions, 18 Department Commendations, 2 Lifesaving Awards, 1 Unit Meritorious Award, 1 Cook County Award of Valor, was nominated for the Top Cop Award in Washington, DC and received an honorable mention, and had been nominated for the Illinois Award of Valor in his 20+ year career with the Chicago Police Department. Due to an on-duty injury sustained in 2000, Jack is now semi-retired and is on full duty-disability from the Chicago Police Department.

When Jack initially investigates a new account, he spends days visiting the job site and talking to everyone in the area to make his presence known and identify the problems and troublemakers. Due to his dedication, diligence and integrity, his attention guarantees ajob well done.

We offer special consulting services and Jack is the Director of Security for several facilities. As Director of Security, he visits the site regularly, evaluates on-going concerns of management and residents and helps resolve security issues. If budgetary constraints prohibit guard service, this is your security solution.

Evaluating your security needs is the first step toward a comprehensive security program. Guard Services, Consultations, Investigations and Security Director Services - You choose the security plan that is right for you.

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